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JimmyBlues Hi-Fi Collection

Vintage Gear:


Naim NAC 42/Hicap/NAC 110

Electrocompaniet Preampliwire IIA
Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 65

NAD 3130 Integrated Amplifier

Rotel RTC 940 AX Tuner Preamp


Revox B 261

Tandberg 3011A

NAD 402

Marantz 125

Pilot MKIV Tube Tuner

Tape Decks:

Nakamichi 700 Tri Tracer

Sony Walkman Professional WMD-6DC


Systemdek IIX W/ Sumiko Blue Point Special MC Cartridge


Linn Kan MK I With MK I Speaker Stands

Contemporary Gear

Linn Classik K CD Receiver

Antique Sound Lab Wave AV 25 Tube Monoblocks

Quicksilver Mini Mite Monoblocks

Linn Kan V Speakers

With so much equipment (actually there are other hi-fi enthusiasts with far more equipment than this), I am forever matching different pieces of gear to see how they sound compared with other components. The latest iteration of my system is listed below. Please feel free to check back from time to time to see the various combinations of components that I am listening to in the future.

Present System

Systemdek IIX W/ Sumiko BPS High Output MC Cartridge

Revox B 261 tuner

Nakamichi 700 Tri Tracer cassette deck

Naim NAC 42/Hicap into the amplifier section of my vintage NAD 3130 power amplifier -- My NAP 110 is blowing fuses and needs a trip back to NANA (Naim North America) for a service

Linn Kan I speakers

Linn Kan I speaker stands

Nordost 6' run of 12 guage speaker cable

Presently awaiting an owners manual for my Revox B 261 and a DIN to pair of RCA interconnects to hook up other pieces of gear to the Naim NAC 42 and 62 preamps. img